YOU Are Worth Celebrating!



Why is it so hard to do?

We say to our children, without hesitation, “You are here to shine, not grovel.” How can we embrace this for ourselves? Having made it this far in life, we have a lot to celebrate! Getting here was not just by happenstance, we have used a lot of creativity and perseverance to arrive at this place and time. And  the choices going forward are ours to make. In this shorter half of life it becomes clearer that we are truly responsible for our own lives, not so much everybody else’s.

Choosing what lifts our heart is not frivolous, it is life enhancing.

Developing discernment, self support and self compassion becomes crucial to living a meaningful life.  Erickson’s developmental task for this stage of life, living with integrity, requires identifying our values and living in sync with them.

What will others think if I say “no”?

Volunteerism, often a great source of connection and community, needs to come from living our values, not from an inability to say no, concerns about what others will think, or a fear if you don’t do the job it won’t get done.

Valuing myself enough to take the time to explore my interests, to try something new, to connect in new ways brings delight.

And delight is worth celebrating! Let’s not worry about looking frivolous, let’s choose joy and celebrate! 

Ideas from our book: Conscious Creative Retirement: 8 Essential Keys

4 thoughts on “YOU Are Worth Celebrating!

  1. Brad

    Great posting. We must keep in mind that we make choices. We can choose to move ahead and celebrate or forever be worried we haven’t achieved or been given enough. As the adage says: “This ain’t no dress rehearsal.”

    1. suzannepattyccr Post author

      Learning to embrace the “unknown” in the future is how we lived this long! It takes strength of spirit and creativity, willingness to be honest, and an ability to be vulnerable. You’re absolutely right “it ain’t no dress rehearsal”, so get up on the stage and dance!

  2. Marty McMillan

    Learning to say no especially to nice people and good causes is difficult but saying yes to them is saying a big NO to yourself. You have less time for your own enriching endeavors and it can leave you a begrudging volunteer and nobody wants that. Better to do less but do it with gusto and joy of giving. Thanks for the gentle reminder. As my wise mother used to say, “You only live once so don’t blow it.”

    1. suzannepattyccr Post author

      Thanks Marty! This also speaks to the idea of caregiving – that you need to care for yourself before you can really care for someone else’s needs, and that includes nurturing your own spirit with joy. If there’s joy in your heart, it radiates out and good always follows.


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