There’s busy, and then there’s busy…

Who and what are filling up your life? One of the exercises I enjoy most in our book is the one called “Finding My Fit” (Chapter 7, pages 74-75), where we are asked to assess the placement of the people and activities filling our life. Our commitments, time and energy are constantly changing as we age.

It’s easy to ignore this and continue doing what we have always done, the way we have always done it, because we have always done it! This became deeply important to me as we were approaching my husband’s death this past year. As my energy became more consumed with care-taking and family communications, many things needed to be rearranged in our lives, and many things dropped away. Since his death, it has been very interesting to re-evaluate people and activities as my energy returns. One friend shared with me how she just got really busy after her husband had died, in order to fill up the empty space.

Distractions or meaningful activities? Suzanne’s suggestion that we evaluate our choices based on the amount of focused, energized and happy energy they create has been crucial for me. Reevaluating values, seeing where I am now, and acting in alignment is satisfying. Choosing joy rather than complacency. Sometimes this is easier said than done. Sometimes I would rather wallow in my grief than make any choices at all, let alone the ones that will enhance my life!
But what we know at this age is that we will only have the life we are willing to create, and we have some good guidelines for doing that well. Thank you, Suzanne!

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