We want you to know who we are through the voices of our students and creative ambassadors. Here are some of the amazing things they’ve said about us.

We’ll do everything we can to make this website a resource for your continued creative explorations in retirement! Let us help.

Patty is one of the most creative and caring artists I have ever known. She helps bring out the best in her students, going beyond the surface and getting to the creative core.            Diane H.

As a watercolor student of Suzanne for 8 years, I have benefited from her willingness to teach and share her talents with senior citizens.  Her creativity and enthusiasm for trying projects outside of her painting interest is a motivating example to her art students to explore new avenues of creative expression in the process of nurturing their own creativity and developing their own artistic style.  Her love of the creative process shines through in her teaching which inspires her students to persist in their own journey of lifelong creativity.                        Annora D.

Patty’s gentle, knowledgeable guidance has helped me respect my ability to make art and, in so doing, develop meaning in my life after retirement. As Jung wrote in his essay The Stages of Life, “The afternoon of human life must also have a significance of its own and cannot be merely a pitiful appendage to life’s morning.” Thanks largely to Patty, my life beyond the working years has acquired new and vital significance.     Vivian S.

Suzanne – glad for the good news of things like travel. ..sorry for the things like losing mothers and pace makers….guess it’s the stuff of this time in life!  I REALLY liked hearing about your creative ebook and workbook  on creativity and successful aging…..you come up with some terribly insightful and stimulating ideas.  You’re the kind of person I want to be sure to hang around with as I’m aging!!!!!!  Ann B.