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Encouragement, Relationships and Creativity

Standing in the Atlanta airport on the way home from a recent trip, I took note of a large, bright billboard of Oprah, with the word “encouragement” in bold letters, sponsored by the website, Values.com . The billboard was in a line-up of other signs but this one just stood out.  Perhaps because I was feeling tired, travel-weary, and unsure of what was next, I saw the word “encouragement” and wanted/needed to have it in my life, at that moment. Instead of feeling discouraged, I wanted to be encouraged by someone who shared my dream.

Patricia and Anne

The newest addition to our website this month is a story of 2 sisters, who, in their retirement years, have discovered an expanded relationship of mutual creativity, respect and encouragement in their growing art interests. Read Now Their smiles say it all – they’re having fun together and thinking about the next challenge – encouragement from within the family. Give some ENCOURAGEMENT to someone today. It’s positively energizing and it may just make you smile.