Retirement Fears – Are you Overtaken or Taking Charge ?


Retirement Fears. We’ve all got them!

Any of these common fears familiar?

  • Will my money be enough to last through retirement?
  • How will my health hold up?
  • How will I cope with losing parents, friends, my spouse?
  • Can I maintain my home?
  • What should I be doing with my time?

Change is difficult and aging is full of changes and challenges.

Now that we are facing a time of change again as we enter into this new phase of life known as retirement, it is good to remember that we have done this before at different stages and ages in our lives – and hopefully thrived, not merely survived. So maybe some of our retirement fears are unrealistic.

Because there is not much in life that actually turns out exactly the way we had expected!

Look to your past to gain perspective about change and transition.

  • What are the strengths and skills you have used in the past? Are they appropriate this time around?
  • What have you learned in the first half of your life that has served you well as an adult?
  • You would not have gotten this far in life with out some creativity and real problem solving skills.

F.E.A.R. also stands for, “false evidence appearing real”.  A great way to manage some of this is to RE-FRAME THE FEELING. Athletes are taught to view pre-game anxiety as excitement.

The biological response to anxiety and excitement are very similar, but the mindset is entirely different. If you let fear and anxiety overwhelm you, it is easy at this stage of life to sink into depression or flood yourself with distractions.

Take Charge. Instead, take a deep breath, open our book and see where you are. That’s the first step to consciously, creatively moving forward.

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