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It takes a creative spirit to age well.  After all, we didn’t get to this age without some creativity!

We also need to apply some creativity to the areas of our lives that are essential for us to thrive as we age.  You’ll learn what it takes to get the right key, in the right lock, at the right time.  You get great music, thought provoking insights, and dynamic creative exercises to get you thinking, feeling and doing as soon as you open the book.

Grab your keys and take the wheel…your future is waiting!

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2 reviews for Conscious Creative Retirement E-book

  1. I just completed a review of Suzanne Shaffer’s book, Conscious Creative Retirement, including each chapter’s end section, which contains key questions and activities designed to reinforce and apply those concepts just discussed. Ms. Shaffer reminds us that retirement is a journey, not a destination. She also lays out a very clear path of how to navigate sometimes fearful topics to better understand what lies ahead, and how to adapt our individual skill sets to meet those challenges most of us are likely to face.

    As a lifelong educator I sincerely applaud this effort. Each topic is clearly explained, and each subsequent topic builds upon the previous. But it is the homework– the questions and activities, which tie it all together. Regardless of our individual backgrounds, education, or income, we can all benefit from giving serious thought and practical application to a few basic ideas in order to evaluate and maximize the time we still have.

    Like a storm, those years are already upon us, or soon will be. We can be prepared, or not. Submitted by James C.,Ph.D, California

  2. For Artists: Just as one longs to reach the mountain peaks glowing in the distance, Suzanne and Patty’s book, Conscious Creative Retirement: 8 Essential Keys offers us a trail map of action, motivation and encouragement – a walking stick – to support and guide us on the daily trek to artful living. Their 8 essential keys are a true catalyst to the re-discovery of creativity, balance and commitment leading to renewed personal joy.
    I had put aside artistic projects these last few years, but this book offered me an enlightened nudge toward restored motivation and pleasure in creating art– it was a transforming experience.

    Reviewed by Elisabeth H., educator (retired) and artist

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