Mermaids Know. Choice and Change take Courage

by Suzanne

I was inspired to blog about this painting that Patty Van Dyke recently created of a mermaid. Beautiful, imaginative, soulful.mermaid 


It also sent me right back to a time when my daughter absolutely loved Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” movie, and would watch it so often that I was afraid she might start growing fins !

So, how does this all relate to change and courage? The mythic mermaid is a great example.

Choosing to let go of her tail meant that she could no longer live underwater in the sea. The trade-off was that she could have legs and dance in the sand or gaze at a beautiful sunset from the shore. Tough decision.  She had family and friends in that underwater paradise, but her heart was drawn to the shore, and to becoming human. It took courage to face the fear of change, the scary choice of tail vs. legs and the challenge of letting go of life in the water, to embrace the possibilities of life on the land. 

The process of aging brings huge opportunity for personal accomplishment and fulfillment. It can also lead into some dark spaces, where fear of the unknown and self-defeating behaviors can keep us from enjoying the time we have left. When you can learn to look for the “silver linings” that accompany change, you can be rewarded by great possibility instead of fear.

 Chapter 6: Change, Choice and Challenge, the Key to Finding Balance.

Conscious Creative Retirement: 8 Essential Keys to Maximize Your Next Life Chapter The Book

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