Is it the Journey or the Destination?

We just returned from a wonderful trip to Costa Rica, and were amazed by the wildlife, the jungles and the gorgeous beaches. Since we arranged our own trip, we had a car and navigated a lot of the country on everything from high speed freeways to pot-holed dirt roads (neither of these were for the faint of heart!!). As we drove, there were days that we just wanted to “get there”, and other days that we delighted in frequent stops to explore the area. Some days the destination was all important, and other days, the journey.

Interesting to think about how this might apply to the way we are choosing to live this next chapter of life – do we savor the moments as they unfold each day, and enjoy the journey? Do we see ourselves as visitors, just passing through in order to get to a desired “there”? Are we intentional about our journey and purposefully headed in a specific direction?  Are we allowing opportunities to create meaningful experiences and relationships pass us by?

Good food for thought as we travel through this time of life.

And if you get the chance to travel to Costa Rica, I can recommend some great places!

Pura Vida from  Suzanne

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