Gifts, Gratitude and 24 Carat Gold Artists

The Gift. This week has been one to give us pause, contemplate, and understand the power of both gifts and gratitude. The gift?  A 5 star review on for our book on Amazon ! From someone whose spirit and positive outlook are so much a part of her creative expressions, both in art and her writing. I have had great respect and admiration for her talent over the years, and have practiced and taught some of her techniques, but have never had the chance to take her workshops or attend her exhibitions.

What Makes it Special: To have her endorsement for our efforts to help people find fulfillment in this “next chapter of life” is very meaningful to us, and reinforces the importance of using inherent creative expression, wherever you are in the world! (Susan lives in New Zealand)

One of the 8 keys in the book, “the Key to Celebration” not only addresses the importance of learning to celebrate our lives each and every day, but also the importance of acknowledging our gratitude for people and experiences that have enriched our lives.

Our Gratitude: Thank you to Susan Harrison-Tustain, internationally acclaimed fine artist, for your gifts of sharing your talents, your wisdom and your lovely spirit of creativity. They are global influences and speak to all of us as human beings.  And in today’s world, those gifts are very greatly respected. Susan’s website

And here is a sample of her work, called “The Gift”. An appropriate title.

Painting in oil on 24 carat gold and palladium leaf

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