Comments from the Asheville, NC Workshop

Suzanne and Brad! Thank you so very much for this great day of “looking within”! It certainly was an excellent workshop and the group of people you had was exceptional! For whatever reason, the group felt familiar very quick. I truly enjoyed being there and learning more how to look at the current situation and what can be in the future. I talked to my husband about it and some of the insights I got so far. The workshop was “light” enough to not have anyone put up “walls” as in not wanting to be honest with themselves and with others. My favorite was the group work and interaction, talking about child hood experiences. That put so many smiles on all the faces! I liked the well balanced step by step of working together and also theory and almost a bit of philosophy! This will be very helpful to me, so thank you again for a well done workshop!  Marie-L.

I was impressed with the approach and food for thought. Thank you for sharing your expertise. Ya done good!  Patricia M.


Thank you so much for this meaningful workshop.  I’m so glad I was able to attend. You are amazing in that you create such an inspiring process to help us all move in a positive direction for our retirement years.  A. D.,   Asheville, NC